Exploring Oslo

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Paige's Page

After New York went on a plane to Oslo. That is were I got great pics.

This is my dad next to some graffiti. Typically, I don’t like graffiti. I like this type though because I like the colors.

This is a cool Norwegian park. It has a wheel jungle gym. It has a fountain/dam water feature. It has bars you can slide on. You can bike in the biking place. There are tall poles you swing on. For the parents there is a working area.

This is a seashell house I found. I found it by the Viking museum.

This is what a Norwegian ambulance looks like. It only has blue lights.





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  • Day 16- Spent the day at the Folk Art Festival at Buda Castle. Today was like a crash course in Hungarian culture and we soaked it all in. Started the day with traditional crafts and wooden kids games, a risky cheese kabob for lunch, and ended the day with a shot of palinka and aaaaamazing goulash and catfish paprikash. πŸ₯˜πŸ½
A big thanks to Gabor and Aggie (Tim