The Four Letter P-word: Plan

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Trip Prep and Route

So, what’s the travel plan? Do you guys have a game plan yet? We really need to get planning. How is planning going? Hey hon, wanna do some more planning tonight? What is your starting plan? After the kids go to bed, let’s work on our route plan. What are your re-entry plans? Plaaaaaaaans! No more plans. No more planning. No plans for you. Let’s just finish binge watching The Night Manager tonight and forget that annoying 4 letter word exists. Okay? Okay.

Instead of working on the “plan” right now or procrastinating with episode 3 of aforementioned show, I’ve decided to write about it. I’m hoping it with be a mix of cathartic and magical and all the pieces will just effortlessly fall into place. Plan Magic. To be totally fair, the planning is actually going very smoothly, there is just A LOT of it. Knowing the clock is ticking and that we only have 4 months left to figure this puppy out, you start to feel the squeeze. You feel a bit guilty listening to an episode of Where is Richard Simmons because that is 37 minutes you could have been Pinteresting activites in Norway! (I’m verbing Pinterest, whatevs). Time is of the essence people! Don’t squander your valuable planning time figuring out whether or not Richard’s maid Theresa is holding him hostage or if he’s depressed and needs a break from the limelight! Gah!


Richard Simmonds


We basically squeeze in research and discussions any chance we get. While I’m brushing my teeth before bed I’m using my free hand to flip through where I left off in The Practical Nomad. While I’m drinking my morning coffee on the couch I try to get in touch with my inner Rick Steves while readingĀ Europe Through the Back Door. While I wait in line to pick the kiddos up from school, I try to reconcile this NYT documentary about the Duterte killings in the Phillipines with all the beautiful pictures I see of Palawan. Woah sorry. Took a heavy turn on you there that you didn’t see coming.


And that’s kind of what happens to me as well. One minute I’m eyeballs deep learning all about Angkor Wat and next thing I know Tim has me all stressed out about landmines in Cambodia. Ugh. But this is how it is -the world. The good, the bad, and the ugly right? This planning thing is a slippery slope and sometimes you just need to worry about Richard Simmons for a few minutes ya know?


Angor Wat

But I digress. Back to our planning diarrhea. Like I was saying before I depressed you, it’s going well . So well in fact that I think we might actually pull the trigger on purchasing our airfare tickets for the first 9 months of our trip. Finally, some good news. (Side note: apparently you can only buy airfare 330 days in advance so the tickets for the last third of our trip will be purchased a few months after we start traveling.)

Also, my GOD LIKE parents took both kids, yes you read that right, BOTH kids to Sunriver for 4 days and Tim and I busted out all the planning vices: Post it notes, animal crackers, dry erase markers, conference calls with AirTreks, loads of kombucha (Clear Mind by Brew Dr. is my fav), spreadsheets, travel books, and naps. Oh, and a killer dinner at Kim Jong’s Smokehouse on NW 21st (better than Pine Street location because you get your bibimbap served in a hot cast iron Finex skillet creating those super yummy crispy edges of rice and noodles. And then add the mustard and mayo special sauce and a Mexi-Coke and then you can properly die and go to heaven. Trust me).


Kim Jong Smokehouse

Although I’m starting to say the word “plan” with this horrible nasally accent because it’s annoying me, I have to admit, the more we plan the better feel (so eat beans with every meal. You know you were thinking it). But for reals, crossing stuff off the ol’ to-do list feels damn good. And being that we’re this close to buying our tickets feels even better.

p.s. stay tuned and maybe I’ll fill you in on what I think happened to Richard (real name Milton) Simmons and my new favorite drink in Portland. Hint: Sasha Fierce’s Sister.


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