Predictions: March 2017

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What are my predictions and expectations for this trip? Holy loaded question Batman. These are turning out to be very unavoidable concepts as we plan this trip. Will I like my family more or less after this trip? Will Parker even remember it? What do I hope to gain from our travels? Will schooling on the road be difficult? These questions have been building since day one and they’re starting to feel so daunting that I’m almost trying to have none at all. Just let the trip be whatever it will be instead of making it something I think it *should* be. But that’s a hard approach because we might only get one chance in our life to nail this. So you know, no pressure or anything.

To humor myself, I thought I’d write a series of Predictions Posts throughout the duration of our trip. A sort of reality check-in with myself to see just how naive I was.


My Top 10 Totally Off Base Pre-Trip Predictions:


The 24/7, undivided, around the clock, quality family bonding time and being with ALL my family ALL the time will be awesome and not tiresome or annoying at all. I don’t know about you, but I NEVER want a break from my kids or my lovely husband, EVER, and this is the best way to make that happen.


Parker will probably have about three big take aways from this trip: he got to eat a buttload of gelato for a year, toilets are very different across the world, and his best friend really is his sissy.


Paige’s three big take aways will be: which countries had the best bread, lots of people obsessed with her hair, and she’ll love Tokyo lights at night.


Schooling the kids will be hard but fun but patience-testing but challenging but fulfilling.


So much good FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. And of course Xiao Long Bao for Paige.


People will be more accommodating, helpful, and forgiving to a family traveling with young kiddos. Or are these backpacks screaming for a maple leaf patch? Or do I just want an excuse to be associated with Mr. Prime Minister McDreamy Dream Boat?


I’m anticipating visiting countries low on my travel bucket list (no offense France and India) only to realize how horribly biased and wrong I was. Or wasn’t.


We’re going to be minimalist packers. We totally won’t pack stuff we don’t need. I will be the Marie Kondo of packing. I’ll limit myself to only two jumpsuits. Or maybe three. They’re versatile I swear. Crushing on this one hard core.


More of a curiosity than a prediction but I wonder how much I’ll miss “home.” Will the rigor and demands of traveling be too all encompassing to make me excruciatingly homesick or will the rigor and demands of traveling make me long for the comfort of family/friends and the ease of knowing the language and my surroundings.


All my predictions are wrong except for number 6.


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