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Although we’re waiting to officially tell everyone in mid-March about our Round The World travel plans (RTW as the online travel enthusiasts call it, who knew!), we did have to tell members of our inner circle that would be impacted. The reactions have run the gamut from enthusiastic, to concerned, to anxiety inducing. Fortunately, the overall reaction from people has been super supportive. Love you guys!

Our kids:

Paige basically helped us hatch the idea in the beginning, much to her initial chagrin. I think to be an 8 year old processing this type of idea was pretty overwhelming at first. I often forget what a small, routine world children operate in and when given plans outside of their comprehension they can come to some pretty erroneous conclusions. For example, she assumed that since we wouldn’t be spending Christmas and her birthday with her grandparents in Oregon (as per tradition) then those holidays won’t happen or don’t exist in other parts of the world. Silly to us but made complete sense to her.

She of course was very concerned about missing her friends and family. Paige is a *very* social creature, a trait I adore about her. We have reassured her repeatedly about Skype, FaceTime, email, videos, and the even more exciting possibility of making friends abroad. Plus, both sets of grandparents have asked to come visit us during our travels! And while we’re at it, open invitation to all of you to come visit!

I’m happy to report that as of her 8th birthday just a few days ago she told me turning 8 was going to feel waaaaaaaaaaay different than being 7. When asked why, she said “because I get to be 8 and see the world!” Atta girl.

Parker turns 4 in a week and honestly, I think this is pretty much lost on him. He’s always down for an adventure but there’s no way he can even grasp what he’s in for. We went to Cancun back in October 2016 and he loved it. Like still talks about it every day loved it. So my hopes are high with him that this will blow his mind in the best way possible.

Before school today, I caught the kids looking through Lonely Planet’s: The World book, dog-earing places they want to go. This book has sat relatively unused on our living room table for years and it’s crazy to realize just how useful it is now.

*note: as of this morning Parker would like to go see lava volcanoes and Paige wants to swim with nurse sharks.


Tim took the plunge and told his dad first. He was thrilled. Phew! Next up my parents. I was worried my mom would think this was an extremely unsafe idea and that my dad would be worried about us financially. I batted 500. Not too shabby. When I told them I had big news my mom squealed and said “we’re all going to Disneyland!” Surprisingly, no safety freak out. My dad expressed his money concerns as expected but came around quickly. “We’ll meet you in Bali” he decided after 15 minutes of stern contemplation. Although we’re grown adults with our own family now, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it’s nice to have our family’s support.


Take me with you! Why would you want to make your life harder not easier? This gives me anxiety. Envious. This is amazing, I’m jealous. Guilt. Don’t tell my wife, she’s going to want to do this (Hi, Courtney!) Not for me, I couldn’t do it. We’ll live vicariously through you. Have you taken into consideration the actions of our newly appointed Orange Fearless Leader? (Hi, David). Obviously we are excited about this trip but what we have quickly come to realize is that people see this idea through their own personal filters. Although this type of trip is not for everyone, we have appreciated all the encouragement and support we’ve received from everyone so far!


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