It’s Oprah’s fault

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Our Story

Damn you Oprah working your daytime talk show voodoo magic on me. Most of us probably remember the infamous Oprah episodes like Tom Cruise going batsh*t crazy on a couch or Dr. Oz talking about what shape your poop should be. S-shaped if you’re curious.

Sure, these shows are seared in my brain as well (note to self: purge brain of banal info) but I haven’t been able to shake one certain episode from what I think was 15 years ago.

I distinctly remember seeing an Oprah episode about a family who decided to rent out their house, sell their cars, and pull their pre-teen kids out of school to take a year off from life in the U.S. and travel the whole world instead. You’re probably asking yourself who really is the batsh*t crazy one now, huh? I know I’ve lost half of my brain cells through my booby milk and have a horrendous case of mom brain but I swear this episode exists. However, as I go cross-eyed reading through every comprehensive list of Oprah episodes from her 25 year run, I can’t find it anywhere. Regardless, this idea has stuck with me. Big time.

Fast forward to Saturday, February 4th, 2017.

What started out as an innocent lunch adventure to XLB in North Portland to satisfy the Chinese dumpling craving of our daughter Paige,

xiao long bao at XLT PDX

XLB in North Portland is exactly what it touts itself as being “Chinese comfort food”

turned into a potentially life changing meal of pork buns. In an offhand comment I suggested that we should go eat real dumplings, in real China sometime. Soon, Tim and I were talking about how when the kids are older, in like three to five years, we should take them abroad for a year and show them what exists beyond the U.S. Next thing I know we have gone down the rabbit hole of what-ifs: what if we have a mortgage in 3 years (currently we rent), what if we have a pet (our dog Howl just passed away), what if we have two cars (our lease is about to expire on one of them), what if we both have full time jobs (currently we are both unemployed), what if we have no savings (currently we have some), what if, what if, what if. As I lay out these parenthetical breadcrumbs for you, you might be able to guess what happened next.

Yup. We said it. What if we go now. Like in the next 6 months now.

Ever since we said it, we haven’t been able to shake it. And I’m scared and excited to say out loud that the plan has been set into motion.


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